Transform Your Logistics Operation and Management with Our Innovative Software.

Our SaaS-based software is the ultimate solution for your logistics management. Whether you need to plan routes, collect empty trollies back to owner, or track deliveries, our software can handle it all. With our software, you can see your trucks in real-time, optimize your routes, and boost your efficiency. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your logistics operations. Request a personalized demo today.

Comprehensive Features of Retrack TMS for Flower Transport

Our robust software empowers drivers with a user-friendly mobile app and offers real-time tracking. From digital CMR reports to seamless integration, our comprehensive features ensure efficient and cost-effective flower transport operations.
  • Order management

    Efficiently manage expected and final orders for customers.

  • Planning & optimization

    Optimize route plans based on constraints and rules to meet timelines.

  • Dock planning

    Plan orders to docks to reduce transportation costs.

  • Mobile app for drivers

    Streamline delivery processes through a user-friendly mobile application.

  • Tracking the carriers

    Track carrier locations in real-time for efficient logistics management.

  • Inventory management

    Manage your carriers' inventory across different locations.

  • Management of plastic containers

    Collect the plastic containers and deposit them to the flower auction.

  • Tracking & tracing

    Monitor your order from origin to destination.

  • Tariff management

    Support for different tariff types to simplify invoicing.

  • Invoicing

    Generate consolidated invoices for debit orders and credit invoices or credit notes.

  • Web portal for customer

    A user-friendly web portal for customers to place orders and check their delivery status.

  • Collection of the empty carriers

    Gather and return carriers for their original location.

Seamlessly Connect Your Systems with Retrack TMS

Say goodbye to swivel chair integration problems and manual data entry. Retrack TMS, our robust transportation management system, effortlessly connects with the other systems you need. Whether through native integrations, EDIs, APIs, or webhooks, we ensure smooth data transfer, eliminating the hassle of disconnected workflows. Experience streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency with Retrack TMS, your all-in-one solution for seamless system integration.


  • Less men power needed to function.

    Streamline and automate order processing, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries for improved customer satisfaction.

  • Know logistics profit and loss.

    Maximize efficiency by optimizing routes, reducing mileage, and minimizing fuel costs while meeting delivery timelines.

  • Know your delivery time.

    Gain full visibility into carrier locations, ensuring transparent and efficient operations and enabling proactive decision-making.

  • Drag & drop based route planning.

    Efficiently collect and return empty carriers and manage plastic baskets, optimizing resources and reducing operational costs.

  • CMR report with evidence

    Track carrier availability across multiple locations, optimizing resource allocation and reducing unnecessary stock holding.

  • Know where your fleet is.

    Easily integrate Retrack TMS with existing systems, enabling a seamless flow of information and enhancing overall functionality.

  • Optimize resources allocation.

    Empower drivers with a user-friendly mobile app for streamlined delivery processes, improving productivity and communication.

  • Real time alerts.

    Provide customers with a self-service portal to place orders, track status, and access real-time updates,fostering transparency and satisfaction.

  • Supports multiple languages.

    Gain insights into cost breakdowns and calculate journey profitability, optimizing financial performance.

  • Charter support.

    Easily plan the transportation using third-party trucks.